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Tawakal Halal Café, where delectable entrées, inviting appetizers and tempting desserts are prepared according to our own family recipes. We are happy to break bread with you in our space and share our vision of incorporating traditional East African food, mainly Somali, and Middle-Eastern dishes as well as exploring Mediterranean and other Eastern cuisines. 

We use only the freshest and finest ingredients available, some of then locally sourced, as well as the widest array of earth's most exotic, rare spices. We take great pride in using only the highest quality, halal certified meats.

At Tawakal Halal Café, the final result is a distinctively authentic dining experience showcasing Somali food with all its different influences. Our cuisine has been recognized and praised by all who previously enjoyed a meal with us at Tawakal Halal Cuisine and by the amazing press!

From Somalia to our table. A Lifetime journey of creating and offering some of the most unique, inspirational and authentic Somali dining in the U.S.

We hope to spread our love for food with all of those who would like to break bread with us at our table.

Soo dhowow (Welcome)!

How we’re helping the community?

If you know anyone who needs help, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are here to help.

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